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A week to go deep

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Dear wondrous Being of Fabulosity- yes that’s you! I am so excited to introduce you to a new gift I am going to send you every week- The Oracle (me) is coming to you each week on video now! That’s right each week I am going to do two things[...]


Puppies, Presence and God-Shots

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Puppies, Presence, and God-Shots Dearest special one in my tribe- Ask me if I am happy the most intense Mercury retrograde ever is over? OYA! Can I hear an Amen?! Honestly, these past three weeks just about knocked me on my butt, what with pretty much every computer and electrical[...]


Late To The Party, But Always On Time!

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Late To The Party, But Always On Time! Or… How to Heal Perfectionism, Let Go, and Let the Dude Do the Delivering and Deal with the Details. Ah yes, the latter is the perfect title to shine a light on one of the many tests of this Mercury Retrograde. Happy[...]