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    Gregg Braden – Dr. Joe Dispenza – Robert Holden, PhD – Nancy Levin – Christy Whitman – Anita Moorjani
  • Series B
    Denise Linn – Anthony William – Christiane Northrup – Danielle LaPorte – John Holland – Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman 

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UNCHARTED Reflection Journal (PDF download)

Conversations About Co-Creation With The Masters – Series A Reflection Journal

Conversations About Co-Creation With The Masters – Series B Reflection Journal

A brilliant companion to your journey, this downloadable PDF will help you look into your uncharted future, show you how to align with Spirit for your highest good, and take actionable steps to create a life of abundance and fulfillment. As you work through the journal, you’re sure to start co-creating like never before!

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This bonus playbook (PDF) brings you all of the Uncharted exercises into one easy and manageable place. As you read Uncharted and begin uncovering your co-creative rhythm, this workbook will help you go through the powerful, life changing exercises one by one. Spirit wants you to play- not work so hard at co-creating!

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If uncertainty has become your new normal, you need a new map!

Where are you going? How will you get there?

In a swiftly changing world, as uncertainty has become the new normal, most of us don’t know the answers.

How will you find the peace, prosperity, love, and abundance you seek?

How can you get grounded to manifest your desires when it feels like you’re walking on shifting sands?

Is it even possible to have the life you desire?

All of this can be really overwhelming. Right?

Listen up. Right now, you’re being called to an adventure! And you have to be brave and sail into uncharted waters—away from the old familiar ways that don’t work anymore—so you can discover your true self and the infinite potential for your life. Even if it’s scary to leave familiar shores, if you want that amazing life you just know is waiting for you, you have to move away from an outdated worldview of separation, scarcity, and competition.

Take a moment to imagine how that will feel when you can do that and your eyes open mid leap to the magic of a profound collaboration – an anchor tethering you to the truth that everything is interconnected and Spirit is the source of your supply.

Can you feel that?

This is the real truth: It’s in the as-yet-undiscovered places within you that you will come to recognize what you can be- and your power to co-create and manifest when you discover Spirit as your partner.

If you try to create guided only by the old, familiar map of your life, you won’t get very far. You need a different kind of map—not one that tells you where you’ve been, (and what everybody already knows) but one you can always trust that reveals itself as each new experience awakens the miracle maker in you.

It is in the uncharted waters, during uncertain times, when you feel most lost that you actually have the greatest opportunity to begin manifesting the life you desire. And this opportunity exists because your authentic nature is spirit, containing the essence of Spirit, and you are already a powerful co-creator—you just forgot that! (or maybe nobody told you?).

This Co-Creation Stuff Can Be Tricky

So lets say you visualized, tapped, meditated, and created a vision board, but you’re not where you want to be—I get it. The world seems to get more overwhelming all the time it’s hard to remember how to trust that your most cherished dreams can become reality.

Has this happened to you?

You tried to make your life better and it seemed to get worse.

You tried harder than you ever had to co-create a better reality and what you got was the same old, same old.

You thought you listened to your intuition but it cost you money, heartache, and lots of hard work and time.


Maybe you got everything you asked for and it turns out it wasn’t what you wanted!

I’ve been there too, years ago my life was in shambles, and I had lost everything but when I hit bottom I had a spiritual awakening. Miracles and synchronicity opened up and the most extraordinary things happened for me yet sometimes I still fell asleep at the wheel. I didn’t understand why, and I longed for something I couldn’t put my finger on. Now I know what that something was! I forgot Spirit was my partner all along and I needed to feel that connection because when I do everything falls into place.

All this has led me to discover something extraordinary about how Spirit helps us co-create reality.

Let me teach you the secrets of the art of co-creation.

Here’s what you might not know: It’s not just the woo woo people! The greatest minds in the frontiers of science have agreed that our world is unified, that the nature of reality is a living energy and consciousness that is collaborative, connected, and harmonious—the exact opposite of all we have been taught.

And, we are not separate from Spirit, having to go it alone. We’ve been tripped up by our misperception that we have to do it all ourselves, and compete for limited resources. No, no, no! This world is more magical than you and I could ever dream of!

The most potent change you can make is a shift in awareness. There is a greater self within you that always has access to unlimited resources. And you always know when you’ve tuned in to it! Think of all the synchronistic moments you couldn’t possibly have planned. You didn’t do that by yourself! And none of those unplanned amazing moments were ever on the familiar map you’ve been following.

It’s time to take the blinders off. Come with me into Uncharted and take a symbolic journey, reveal the map of your soul, and abundance, confidence, and courage will be yours. The storms can leave you laughing in the wind as you sail forth on an adventure of self-evolution. And your self-evolution is necessary—for all our sakes—because what you have to offer is extraordinary. Your light matters!

What You Will Learn To Do


I will show you how to own and develop your co-creative powers as you discover the metaphorical map of your soul and explore five interconnected realms. You’ll feel amazing as you discover the world through a new pair of eyes. First you’ll become oriented in the Realm of Spirit, your “home” that connects the other four. Then you will feel your power surge and your heart open wide as you travel through:

  • the Realm of the Mind, where you will experience your consciousness within the Great Mind of Spirit…
  • the Realm of Light, where you will illuminate the darkness and reclaim the lost parts of yourself…
  • the Realm of Energy, where you will consciously and deliberately direct the forces available to you…
  • the Realm of Form, where you will delight in seeing the results of your self-evolution manifested in the material world.

Love, purpose, prosperity, and joy—they are all there, waiting for all of us to claim them!

Sail into the UNCHARTED and you can:

  • Call miracles into form, co-creating magic with help from Spirit
  • Self-evolve and use your newly found power to express yourself in the world
  • Open channels of communication with Spirit
  • Trust and develop your intuition
  • Receive the support you need
  • Make breakthroughs you never dreamed were possible
  • Avoid spiritual narcolepsy and remember your true self
  • Develop self-compassion as you reconnect with the authentic you
  • Make peace with uncertainty
  • Bring healing to the broken places and painful spaces
  • Immerse yourself in the flow of the divine while your feet are firmly planted on the ground
  • Joyfully experience the lightness of being
  • Laugh, dance, celebrate and share the magic

if you did what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten, so be bold! Sail into the uncharted waters. Trust that whatever you desire, you are worthy of it.

Harness your personal power and venture into the uncharted, where magic happens!



This Speakers Series – Conversations About Co-Creation with the Masters –  has been designed to really complement the book. A lot of the conversations  with these world renowned authors and thought leader come full circle to help you understand the concepts within the book – UNCHARTED.

There is approx. 8+hours, some of which Colette had to cut off because the speakers had already filled our heads with so much to think about.

This series is Real and Raw, no fancy editing, camera work, just Colette and the author having a coffee over Skype. Pour yourself a coffee/tea and join in the conversation.

Series A

The Series A speakers get released when you pre-order your copy of UNCHARTED before Sept 5th. You’ll also get the Series B speakers when they get released, Sept 6th.

You’ll receive an email letting you know that the videos are up and live as well as a special access code to start watching.

On that page will also be where the PDF downloads will live.

All this will be explained in an email when you pre-order your copy of UNCHARTED.

Gregg Braden

In this bonus video, Gregg and I discuss the deep meaning of Science and Spirit. We also delve into how this relationship helps deepen our co-creative skills by allowing us to commune with the energy and move towards our goals and dreams.

click to show more about this conversation

WOW – all I can say is that this installment of the Conversations about Co-Creation with the Masters (Real and Raw) series is one of my favorites. This conversation shows where science, spirituality and consciousness connect in a clear and meaningful way. My thought wheels have been spinning ever since this chat and I’m thrilled to share it with you now. I had the honor of sitting down with my friend and NYT best selling author, Gregg Braden, to talk about all things Science and Spirituality.

In this video, Gregg and I take things to a new level as we discuss the deep meaning behind  the science of the field of energy that connects all things. This Field (that I call Spirit) is the Great Consciousness and is the container, the bridge and the mirror through which we are all connected and in communion with one another and all life. It is inside us and all around us.

Here are some of the highlights of what you’ll learn in this video:

  • The Field that Connects all things and the science behind it
  • Prayer as a supplicant vs communing with Spirit
  • Time is not linear, it lives on a spiral and can teach with every revolution
  • How your “choice points” influence your personal growth and success

You can’t help but to have big takeaways at every turn!

As you’re watching Gregg and I ask yourself:

  • How can I ignite my partnership  with Spirit?
  • Where have I observed evidence of synchronicity in my life?
  • How does a connected worldview change the way I see things?
  • What does Spirit reflect to me currently and where would I like to shift?
  • In understanding prayer as a communion and merging with Spirit rather than prayer being you on your knees begging for rescue, how does that alter your relationship to Spirit?

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Dr. Joe Dispenza

Joe and I discuss how, with the mind and meditation, anyone can heal themselves and create a new and exciting form or reality! Yes – you can do it too! And because we love Joe (and because he’s a total brainiac) we also kick in how the mind operates and the ways to use it to co-create. It’s so much easier than you think!

show more

The Quantum Field. Transforming nothing into something. Intention and Surrender. I sat down with my friend and colleague, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and we cover them all! I’m so excited to bring this video to you because it will totally help illuminate more of the science behind co-creation. What I love about when Joe and I get together is that what could easily be complicated matters become easily accessible and understandable. The concepts really sink in and today’s video is no different.

Here are some big takeaways from the video:

  • Entering the Quantum Field
  • The delicate balance between intention and surrender
  • The Intention is not chasing the form
  • Experiencing the Divine

As you watch, consider the following:

  • Where have you felt yourself really let go and enter into the co-creating state?
  • Have you ever witnessed a physical shift in yourself as you’ve opened up to new perspectives?
  • When has manifestation shown up for you easily and readily in your life? When have you not had to really “work” at it?
  • How can you invest in yourself on a day to day basis and connect with the quantum field through meditation?

Ooh! This is such great stuff – quantum field and co-creation here you come!

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Robert Holden

This video has more A-Ha’s than I can count! The biggest takeaway? How to create reality with Spirit as our biggest ally and our most powerful manifesting power!

show more

I can honestly say this next bonus video is one I’ll keep referring back to over and over again and I know you will too. I left this conversation with a full heart of gratitude and peace.

If you haven’t already, you’re totally going to fall in love with author and psychologist, Robert Holden PHD.  after listening to this beautiful (and calm inducing) chat we had together. Robert is a long time friend of mine and every time we talk it’s always straight from the heart and the insights just keep on coming. Join us as we discuss the big ideas around essence versus form. PS This isn’t a talk about Religion. It’s an exploration of the mystical. Paired with Uncharted, fear will be replaced by trust!

Here are some of the big takeaways from the video:

  • Essence versus form: Form doesn’t make you happy, the Soul is already happy.
  • Compassionate prosperity: Let go of the dog eat dog world view
  • Gratitude is the Abracadabra – conscious contact with Spirit – Spirit wants to express itself through you – it’s your greatest ally and #1 manifesting tool
  • Embrace the Holy Shift and WWCD? (What would Colette Do?) for guidance

As you’re watching Robert and myself take a moment to reflect on the following:

  • How can I have more gratitude in my everyday? What do I notice when I add gratitude into my daily practice?
  • When I release the notion of competition and remember that there’s enough for everyone, how does my heart feel? How does my attitude towards others change?
  • Where can I add meditation into my day? What type of meditation practice is best for me?
  • What do I notice when my soul feels balanced (and ego isn’t running the show!)? What signs and hints from the Universe have shown up for me lately?

Until next time, soak it all in and feel it in your soul (you sparkly being, you!)

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Nancy Levin

In order to connect with the Realm of Light wholly and completely, we must first understand that we are truly worthy. Nancy Levin and I dive into how worthiness is the true puzzle piece to co-creation and how you can start shifting into a worthy mindset (creating a life like you’ve never imagined!) belief system today.

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This video is where the deep work lives. It’s the process of self-reflection and understanding our true self worth – not easy to do! As you watch this video, paired with Uncharted, you’ll start to peel back the onion layers of negative belief systems and move into a light filled transformation.

My dear friend, Nancy Levin, best selling author of Worthy: Boost Your Self Worth to Boost Your Net Worth, and I sat down to talk about Uncharted and how worthiness is the most important puzzle piece to co-creating the life we desire. When we can learn how to move past old, outdated self beliefs we can open the doors to infinite possibility and live in the Realm of Light every single day.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to enter the Realm of Light and co-create by changing our negative belief systems
  • Where your self worth currently stands and how to shiftinto a more worthy mindset to be able to co-create on a higher level
  • The importance of relationship, collaboration, and communication to create harmony in your everyday
  • How not knowing what’s next is actually a good thing

As you’re watching, take time to reflect on the following:

  • Where can you learn to include self care in your daily life?
  • What are the ways you self protect when working with others?
  • How do feelings of unworthiness show up in your life?
  • When conflict arises in your life, how do you work with the feelings of anger?
  • When do you get caught up in feeling desperate to know that the next thing is?

Phew! Understanding our self worth is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. As you work through moving through your limiting self beliefs be sure to take time to really care for yourself. Take a bath, go to a movie, get a massage. This is big work and self care is so important.

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Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman and I talk all about the laws of manifestation and how to apply them in this fast paced real and raw chat! Learn everything you need to know about being deliberate in co-creating your future and shifting your beliefs to a higher frequency.

show more

I left this talk feeling energized and motivated and I know you will too when you hear all the topics! Law of Attraction, relationships to the Divine, co-creating in the now…the list goes on! You’ve been heading to this point in all of your co-creation work and now it’s time to put it all together to manifest your desires and remain in the highest frequencies.

I sat down with NYT bestselling author, Christy Whitman, to get real and raw on how we can all co-create from the highest vibrations (and stay there!) all the while understanding lessons for life expansion and creating meaning in our daily lives. This fast paced conversation touches on how to bring home all that you need to be successful as you go through Uncharted waters and realize the full potential of being able to deliberately create your best life.

In this video look out for:

  • How the physical reaction to A-HA! Moments informs you
  • The importance of harmony in the co-creating process
  • How curiosity and the unknown are key to co-creating
  • When to reframe your experience so that you can elevate to a higher vibration of creation

As you’re watching ask yourself:

  • Where in my life experience have I tried to force outcomes? What were the results?
  • What does my definition of “wealth” look like?
  • What is currently working in my life and how was I an active participant in co-creating the result?
  • How do I currently feel empowered and how has that empowerment influenced my life for the positive?

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Anita Moorjani

We are inherently powerful. Watch this video with Anita and me and learn how you can work with your authentic self through gratitude, love and compassion to positively shift and co-create everything in your life. You are not broken! Spirit is within and ready to help you transform.

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This conversation brings peace and calm right from the very get-go. It will re-center you, showing you that you are, in fact, a part of Spirit. It’s a conversation that reminds us that what is yours won’t (and can’t!) go past you and that you  – the real you – your authentic self is here to help you co-create and manifest your most amazing life.

Anita Moorjani, my dear friend and NYT Best Selling Author,  joined me straight off the plane to talk about how connecting with our most authentic selves and realizing the Spirit is within us, we can transform with love, compassion, and gratitude. We often make the mistake thinking that our physical self isn’t connected to the invisible realm – well we are here to tell you that the invisible realm is merely fingertips away. It’s so easy to manifest when we trust ourselves (we are not broken!) and allow ourselves to stay connected. It’s in that connection that we realize it doesn’t have to be so hard.

I could go on and on!

Here are some big takeaways from this chat:

  • We are powerful and we can co-create easily and seamlessly when we understand that Spirit is within us and not separate from us
  • How feeling is the glue and the magic to co-creating
  • A quick two step, daily exercise from Anita to ensure we connect with love everyday
  • When we play with the world of form it’s like manifesting on steroids
  • When you hold your truth the world will unfold and rearrange in miraculous ways to ensure you get to where you need to go (what’s yours won’t go past you!)

While you’re watching, ask yourself:

  • Where in my life am I currently giving away my own power and not acknowledging my true self?
  • Where can I add in gratitude, love and compassion for myself as well as others?
  • How can I be in a state of allowing and be ok with the unknown of what the Universe will send my way?

I know you’re going to love this video and I’m so excited for what will unfold for you in all of your authenticity.

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Series B

The Series B speakers get released when you pre-order your copy of UNCHARTED after Sept 5th.

You’ll receive an email with a special access code to a private page that will stay up indefinitely so you can return at any time to re-watch all 6 speakers’ videos.

On that page will also be where the PDF downloads will live.

All this will be explained in an email when you pre-order your copy of UNCHARTED.

Denise Linn

Sit back, relax and open your hearts as Denise Linn and Colette chat about how the invisible forces help us create for our soul’s true purpose, how the invisible world unveils itself (hint: Angels!) and how trusting your inner voice is one of the most important things you can do.

Anthony William

In this lively conversation, Anthony William and Colette discuss strength, hope, trust and seeing beyond the ordinary. Learn how faith is the key that unlocks everything that Spirit has to offer and how when we have faith we can be healthy and filled with light in all aspects of our lives.

show more

There’s nothing like a conversation with Anthony William! Insights abound as we talk about how faith to see beyond the ordinary will open up the abundance of miracles that surround us at all times and how Spirit is tangible and real and when we connect to that truth anything is possible and information is everywhere.

Move over skepticism, you’ll walk away a true believer in collaboration with Spirit after watching this talk!

Big takeaways include:

  • To ask OUT LOUD for help from your Angels.
  • How miracles are abundant and never run out (there’s always more!)
  • Our purpose is about love and compassion and Spirit is always helping us find it.

As you watch, ask yourself:

  • Where can you add in more faith in your  life?
  • What have you been doubting lately and why?
  • What results do you see when you do the Gratiude, Compassion, Appreciation, and Care exercise?

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Christiane Northrup

Laugh a lot and watch as Dr. Christiane Northrup and Colette discuss how our physical bodies work directly with our energetic bodies (as above so below!) to create our highest collaborative trajectory and see how the light is definitely winning for the great good and everything is re-working itself to align with the Universe and expand into infinite possibilities.

Danielle LaPorte

Co-creating with Spirit begins when we are willing to work from our hearts and the Soul centered space in all its authenticity. Listen in as Danielle andColette talk about how to find pleasure in giving, service, and doing the work of being your true self.

John Holland

Watch John Holland and Colette discuss how it’s always good to be reminded that the Soul is our primary self and our true essence. When we are reminded of this true essence and connect with it daily, we can be brought back to (easeful!) co-creation and collaboration with the Universe and Spirit.

Debra Poneman & Marci Shimoff

Get ready for miracles! In this chat with Marci Shimoff, Debra Ponemon and Colette, learn how miracles can still be found in times of uncertainty, how to find the“miracle zone” to aid in the co-creative process and how to create conditions for the magic of miracles and co-creation to happen everyday!


  • “Uncharted is a smoking hot Harley ride through the wonders of your soul’s journey, full of fun, humor, wisdom, and guidance. You’re going to love this journey into the mysteries and wonder of your life.”  
    Christiane Northrup, M.D.
    Christiane Northrup, M.D. New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age
  • “Colette Baron-Reid takes us on a brilliant journey through the uncharted world of consciousness where the real magic happens. As she masterfully balances age-old wisdom with practical tools and guidance, you’ll see that change isn’t so difficult or scary after all. A must-read for any soul on the self-evolving journey back home.”
    Dr. Joe Dispenza
    Dr. Joe Dispenza New York Times best-selling author of You Are the Placebo
  • "Are you ready to go someplace you’ve never been? Through an inspired process of practical soul work—tools you can really use—Uncharted will light up the dark places in your life and show you they aren’t so dark at all: they’re full of beauty, possibility, and fun.”
    Kris Carr
    Kris Carr New York Times best-selling author
  • “Your soul is calling you! Your life adventure can’t start without you. Now is the time to follow the holy plan for your life. Be sure to take this brilliant new book with you for travel reading. Thank you, Colette, for your loving and delightful soul guidance.”
    Robert Holden
    Robert Holden author of Shift Happens! and Life Loves You
  • “A magnificent, magical, and super-practical guide to your interior landscape, from the peaks of your inner mountaintops to the depths of your ocean floor. Let Colette expertly support you, with her signature style of exercises and inquiry, to excavate your own unknown territories and realms so the best and brilliant you can emerge.”
    Nancy Levin
    Nancy Levin author of Worthy
  • “Colette Baron-Reid is a rare and wonderful hybrid: she is both a wise teacher and a Harley-riding modern-day mystic who authentically shares her path to transformation. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her.”
    Arielle Ford
    Arielle Ford author of Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate
  • “I knew the first time I talked to Colette that she and I were headed for big things. Not only is she brilliant, wise, and wholeheartedly connected to magic, but she knows, like few others, that spirituality is meant to be fun. Who else would call the bigger thing Quantum Fred, a title I delight in every time she playfully mentions it? Colette is privy to the fact that taking ourselves less seriously and playing around in the infinite field of possibility is the only real way to experience Truth. In this remarkable new book, she joins forces with Fred to deliver brand-new revelations. Pump your fists in the air, as I did when I read this book, and know you’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.”
    Pam Grout
    Pam Grout New York Times best-selling author of E-Squared
  • “Uncharted is an enlightening and intimate look into the process of self-discovery and destiny co-creation. In her fun and inimitable style, Colette Baron-Reid offers practical yet life-changing techniques in the perfect combination of the light-hearted and the profound. This book can help you tap your most powerful source of all solutions, the Realm of Spirit—not just a new-age concept here, but a very real presence of support. Open the pages of Uncharted and you’ll soon find your life moving in new directions, sailing into a future filled with love, adventure, and unlimited possibilities!”
    Sandra Anne Taylor
    Sandra Anne Taylor New York Times best-selling author of Quantum Success and Your Quantum Breakthrough
  • “In Uncharted, Colette Baron-Reid beautifully guides you on a personal journey beyond your limitations, to experience your potential in a way you might have never thought possible! Fantastic book!”
    John Holland
    John Holland medium and best-selling author of Born Knowing and Power of the Soul
  • “A fascinating and uplifting voyage through our interdimensional soul. Uncharted empowers you to boldly navigate the unpredictable seas of existence and unearth the lustrous pearls hidden in life’s unfolding . . . and it’s so fun. If you’re ready for a true sea change in your life, get this book.”
    Jennifer McLean
    Jennifer McLean creator of Healing With The Masters and author of Spontaneous Transformation


Colette Baron-Reid is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, and star of the national hit Canadian TV show Messages From Spirit. She’s an oracle expert, and best selling inspirational author published in 27 languages. She is a popular keynote speaker, music recording artist, and entrepreneur. Voted into the prestigious Watkins list as one of the top 100 most spiritually influential people in 2013 and 2014, Baron-Reid delivers her message of perspective and hope with her trademarked compassionate candor and hilarious personality.

Known by her clients as “The Oracle”, her reputation for her laser sharp intuitive insights is worldwide with a client base spanning 29 countries.

She is the founder of the Master Intuitive Coach® Institute, CEO and founder of The Invision Project and The Invision Lab offering advisory services for select influencers, and education for coaches in her trademarked energy psychology technique The Invision Process®.

Originally from Toronto, she splits her time between the USA and Canada with her husband and 3 pomeranians. When she’s not writing books, talking to dead people on TV and teaching global audiences she’s riding her Harley on the seacoast.