How to Real Make Magic in 2017- Learn how to Coddiwomple !

How to Real Make Magic in 2017- Learn how to Coddiwomple !

Yes you heard me correctly. Isn’t that the best word? Just saying it out loud makes me want to know how to do it. It feels like it belongs in a magical Harry Potter universe even though it’s actually an old English slang word.

And no it’s not a dance, although in some way learning the art of coddiwomple is indeed something that is conscious of rhythm, but it’s the rhythm that arises from music heard by the soul, played through the web of invisible strands that make up our world as an instrument of Spirit.

Maybe dancing to the beat of a different drum where we’re meant to stumble across miracles and other unexpected gifts along the way. What way? To Where? Well, to nowhere specific other than to have experience for its own sake.

It’s not easy although it sounds like a funky and fun thing to do for those of us who know that the way forward is uncharted. (Actually a couple of people in my Uncharted Book Club on Facebook posted the same meme about the word which got me to writing this blog)

The key to coddiwompling is to be a determined traveler, but to release attachment to the “where” at the same time. To properly coddiwomple is to release all need to know the final destination, to let go attachments to a specific form or experience in favor of travelling “purposely toward a vague or as yet unknown destination”.

Manifesting your reality in the most magical way possible should include some coddiwompling. . Why? Because now more than ever the result of “where we end up” is less and less predictable as so many variables converge to reveal new directions and pathways, that come with uncovering truths hidden in the layers of life that seem to perplex even the most adventurous of us.


Magic happens as the result of the alchemy between us, our desires and Spirit, and when we surrender to Spirit, amazing things happen, formless becomes Form made manifest seemingly out of thin air. Synchronicity becomes more and more real as the invisible world proves itself to be the greater reality.

It’s why I refuse to listen to negative predictions and postulations about the future state of the world. We have power. We have the power to speak, to stand up for ourselves, to say what we believe, to know we are enough, to remember that freedom needs to be claimed and not assumed and to use whatever skills, talents and imaginations we have to better the world.

We can co-create a powerful magical life no matter what the current conditions of our world. Not like the radically ever happy Pollyanna but perhaps like her well informed twin sister with a goodness radar strapped to her forehead and her attention fixated on discovering what works, what can be shared and what can be healed. ( Ok she sounds kind of weird but you get the picture)

One of the participants in a current small group weekly intensive I hold told me today how she came to me and why she was still wanting to study with me. She is a woman I have seen blossom in front of my eyes in the most amazing ways. She is vibrant and brimming with life and possibility and her eyes twinkle in a way that just makes me smile in anticipation of a miracle.

She said “ You know, I don’t know why I keep coming but I just know I have to! No idea where it will take me but it’s already changed me so much. I just know it’s right.” How often have you just known you need to keep going, to keep exploring something with no clue other than your intuition and a deep sense of “ determined rightness” even if you have no destination in mind? That is what it means to coddimomple!

This week, consider the idea of following only that intuitive push, that invitation to travel into each 24 hours with only the goal of experience, and curiosity. I bet if you coddiwomple you will discover there is magic everywhere if you open your heart and eyes. Spirit has a plan .. and a destination much better than yours or mine. If we follow along… we will surely experience more than we could imagine.



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